Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burapa Pattaya Bike Week 2010 official t-shirts are here!!

Yeap, the designs are out. For 2010, there will 2 designs for Burapa Pattaya Bike Week 2010 t-shirts. These t-shirts will be made available soon through Burapa MC Pattaya, Thailand. More info will be available soon, so keep on visiting our website and facebook page!

Burapa Pattaya Bike Week 2010 will be on 12th February - 13th February 2010. Mark the dates, people!!

Check it out at our flickr photo page HERE


  1. And on the 14th is Miss Walking Street 2010 :)

  2. see you in burapa pattaya bike week 12-14/ 02/ 2010 thankyou. from addy stormfire.

  3. where can i order or go to buy myself some burapa-t.shirts? xxl or 2x xl.Thanks; GJ.

  4. I am the Snakeman - the harp player in the norwegian band THE PRODIGAL SONS that played on friday.
    I loved the design for this years T-shits and the band got shirts after playing, but my T-shirt was......much too BIG. May I order a smaller one?
    I would like one with long sleeves and one with short sleeves in the size - L -

    My adress is: Arvid Munthe, Revlingasveien 41, 1555 Norway.
    I can pay with VISA or MASTER or PAY PAL.

  5. can anybody help me to find a frend from burapa mc is name is petter muller tanks im a portuguese biker

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