Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What? It's May already?!

Two months without any updates on this blog?  yes we are not kidding. :D Okay, I've been busy, as always. So yeah it's all my fault. Atan was in Pattaya for a while, that was in April and he got back from Thailand 2 weeks ago.  So it is more of updating his traveling photos and some of his t-shirt designs.

He had a great Songkran celebration when he was in Pattaya, check it out our Flickr page. What else? I heard he's coming up with a new project. Rumours. I'll have to confirm with him first before I can officially announce it here. :)

I've setup a facebook page for, not bad eh? Become a fan of and you guys will get a free hot thai chic! ok i'm kidding.

Thanks to Roi Sedarah for the write up about Burapa Bike Week 2009. Thanks again Roi, will ask Atan to check it out.

Ohkay, let's roll out the photos!

- Admin -

Phuket Bike Week 2009

Songkran celebration!

Peace N Love

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