Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Ride for Peace t-shirts

At the moment I managed to put up two designs for Love Ride For Peace t-shirt. One for white t-shirt and the other one is for black t-shirt.

Also included official Pattaya Bike Week 2009 t-shirt design. Both are designed by Atan.

If you want to the Love Ride for Peace t-shirt, send your details to us including the size that you prefer.
The price is RM 35 or USD 12. Price including shipping / delivery charges.
Also, if anyone interested to order customized t-shirts, with your very own design, send an email to

As for Pattaya Bike Week 2009 official t-shirt, it is available through Burapa MC Pattaya, Thailand. :)

Check out more designs from from our Flickr slideshow. Locklaq's Flickr


LoveRide 2 Design in White - Back


LoveRide 2 Design in White - Front

Love Ride for Peace (gray)

LoveRide 2 Design in Gray - Front


  1. wat's up bro.
    Gua minatlah dgn t-shirt 2, ingat nak oder la cmner ek.atas ni emel gua..

    alrite...born 2 ride with the wind.

  2. as'kum...apa khabar atannaz.. lama tak dgr crita..

  3. mat relau....

  4. salam..weii atan no tel ang bpa..ang smpai lpa kmpung ka...raya ni blik weiii hahahhaa perang mercun..
    nnti kasi no tel ang kt aku k..aku trun kl nk cri ang pun ssh dh la ni....

  5. salam atan ang apamcm bro shat ka..smoge susces sllu k..ang bla nk kwin lau dh kwin xjmput pn cehh...hahahaa ni no tel aku weii atan 0128369810@0198719834