Tuesday, February 3, 2009

countdown to Burapa Pattaya Bike Week 2009

Hi all, it's February already! As you all know, February will be the most busiest month for Atan. He will be off to Pattaya on 4th of Feb and probably will be back by end of the month. So now, he's busy with the preparation, packing stuff, mostly on Locklaq.com t-shirts, stickers and patches. If you guys decide to be part of the event, please do drop by at our booth and you can get Locklaq.com merchandise at attractive prices! How attractive ? That you need to ask directly to the man himself. :D I dare not to say much about this. ;)

from today's date - 3rd February - 11 Days to Pattaya Bike Week 2009 !

And oh, I've decided to create a facebook account for Locklaq.com ! How about that? I'm still thinking about creating one in myspace though. Seriously, I despise myspace. I used to have my own myspace account, and it became full of bullshits. It became so popular, in fact too popular for me to login to it and to see all kind of people that I don't think I'll surround myself among them during my free time. Oh kay, enough about that. Oh by the way I haven't finish setting up the facebook account yet. :D Just need to insert a bit of info, some pictures, oh yeah almost forgot, need to start inviting people. phew. hey, if any of you do have facebook account, drop us an email (it's much safer than to post your email add here) and we will invite you soon! :)

back to work!


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